$9.8 Billion per year could result from Universal Acceptance

Ths white paper, Unleashing the Power of All Domains: The Social, Cultural and Economic Benefits of Universal Acceptance, published by the  Universal Acceptance Steering Group (UASG) clearly shows the many benefits of Universal Acceptance, where all domain names work everywhere.

Here’s 3 highlights from this article, Universal Acceptance of Internet Domain Names is a USD 9.8 Billion Opportunity, New Study Shows, about that study:

white paper

The newly released, independent research conservatively estimates that support for Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs, which allow domain names in all of the world’s languages) could bring 17 million new users online. These include users whose lack of local language services was previously a barrier to a complete online experience.

The report’s estimate is based on the examination of just five major languages and language groups that would benefit from IDNs because they use non-Latin scripts (Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Vietnamese and Indic language groups) and the proportion of non-Internet users for whom a lack of local language services is a barrier. The research shows that online spending from these new IDN users could start at USD 6.2 billion per year.

In addition, the report shows the potential increased revenues from existing gTLD users. According to one study, 13 percent of websites reject new domain names with more than three letters – when a simple update of these websites (effectively a “bug fix”) could increase online revenues by USD 3.6 billion per year as a result of Universal Acceptance. Combined, there is a potential USD 9.8 billion annual opportunity stemming from software systems working in harmony with the common Internet infrastructure. This is also a conservative metric as this figure does not take into account potential future growth in e-commerce spend, or in the registrations of new domains.

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